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ASPI Spy is a project originally written by Boone@cdrlabs.com. It creates a "fake" ASPI DLL that can filter ASPI commands between applications and the OS. You can do all sorts of useful things with this, for example:
  • Log ASPI commands and replies to debug an application.
  • Override a real CD drive's behavior with a virtual CD drive
  • Browse the source to get a practical understanding of ASPI
I've packaged Boone's source from the article into a complete ready-to-build project.

The article assumes the built DLL will be named "bsaspi32.dll" and tells you to hexedit your target applications to load "bsaspi32.dll" instead of "wnaspi32.dll". However in this version of the project you'll see that the built DLL is named "wnaspi32.dll" and it tries to load the real ASPI DLL named "wnaspi32-orig.dll", so in this scenario you won't need to hexedit your application but you will need to rename your original "wnaspi32.dll" to "wnaspi32-orig.dll". (Don't forget to move it back when you're done playing!) If you are unable to rename "wnaspi32.dll" due to it being in use, try rebooting in safe mode to do the renaming.

Source: here is the MSVC project.

License: Boone's original code from his article, and all files here, are released under the GNU GPL.